2018 News


November 9, 2018, Fort Myers News-Press: Amendments steam roll into Florida Constitution

October 7, 2018, Miami Herald: Learn how 12 Florida amendments affect your life, and your wallet, before you vote

October 2, 2018, TCPalm: 12 amendments on Florida's 2018 Election Day ballot: The list

October 2, 2018, WUSF: Constitution Revision Commissioner Explains Why Amendments Are Bundled

September 26, 2018, Sarasota Herald-Tribune: Constitutional amendment process scrutinized

September 24, 2018, WJCT: Florida Supreme Court Asked To Block Amendments From Ballot That Allegedly Violate First Amendment

September 23, 2018, Pensacola News Journal: Only voters can make government more ethical | Guestview

September 18, 2018, Daily Commercial: State asks justices to clear the way for amendments

September 10, 2018, Sarasota Herald-Tribune: League explains its position on constitutional amendments

September 10, 2018, Daily Commercial: Our Opinion: Voters’ job now more confusing

September 10, 2018, WGCU: Florida Supreme Court Rules On Controversial Education Amendment

September 5, 2018, WFSU: Tallahassee Judge Considers Bundled Constitutional Proposals

August 31, 2018, WFSU: Leon County Judge To Hear Arguments On Constitutional Amendments

August 28, 2018, Sarasota Herald-Tribune: Lawsuit to keep amendments off November ballot allowed to proceed

August 28, 2018, Florida Politics: Groups file legal briefs to support education measure under challenge

August 28, 2018, Florida Politics: Supreme Court sets arguments in Amendment 6 appeal

August 28, 2018, News4Jax: State appeals ruling on victims' rights measure

August 27, 2018, Tampa Bay Times: Leon County judge throws Amendment 6 off Florida ballot

August 22, 2018, Lakeland Ledger: Editorial: To change our Constitution, one at a time, please

August 21, 2018, WJHG: Former Florida elected officials urge voters to reject CRC amendments

August 21, 2018, Florida Politics: Pam Bondi says certain constitutional amendments can be ‘bundled’

August 20, 2018, Sarasota Herald-Tribune: Florida judge throws charter school amendment off ballot

August 19, 2018, Naples Herald: Charter School foes: Education amendment clear as mud

August 15, 2018, Tallahassee Democrat: Florida Supreme Court will hear challenges to constitution amendments

August 14, 2018, Tampa Bay Times: Here’s another legal challenge for Florida’s constitutional amendments

August 7, 2018, Orlando Sentinel: Florida Supreme Court to take up greyhound-racing ban

August 3, 2018, Orlando Sentinel: State appeals ruling against greyhound ban proposal, keeps issue on ballot

August 3, 2018, WGCU: Judge Decries 'Outright Trickeration' On Florida Ballot

July 26, 2018, Lakeland Ledger: Another Viewpoint: Strip ballot of misleading amendments

July 25, 2018, Orlando Sentinel: Guest editorial: Strike misleading school amendment, Revision 8, from November ballot

July 19, 2018, Sarasota Herald-Tribune: Charter school amendment triggers School Board dispute

July 18, 2018, Naples Daily News: Lawsuit: Amendment 8 summary 'misleading' about control of charter schools

July 18, 2018, Daytona Beach News-Journal: OUR VIEW: Don’t mislead Florida voters

July 17, 2018, Florida Politics: Lawsuit challenges Marsy’s Law amendment

July 11, 2018, Daytona Beach News-Journal: Our Opinion: The Constitution Commission’s misleading, confusing amendments

July 11, 2018, Pensacola News Journal: Pensacola workshop explains the constitutional amendments up for vote on the November ballot

July 6, 2018, Florida Politics: Marsy’s Law backers plan big ad buy to sway voters

July 6, 2018, Tallahassee Democrat: Within Amendment 11 is a ground-breaking criminal justice reform provision |Opinion

June 26, 2018, Pensacola News Journal: Pensacola workshop explains 13 proposed constitutional amendments

June 19, 2018, Tampa Bay Times: Counties sue to remove amendments from Florida’s November ballot

June 13, 2018, Panama City News-Herald: Poll: 4 of 13 amendments have enough voter support

June 12, 2018, WTSP: Take a good look at Amendment 8 before voting for it in November

June 4, 2018, Tampa Bay Times: Florida school board term limit backers jump-start campaign for Amendment 8

June 4, 2018, Boca Newspaper: Op/Ed: Dissecting Ballot Questions

June 4, 2018, Florida Politics: Campaign will officially kick off to promote dog-racing ban

May 27, 2018, Daytona Beach News-Journal: From the left: The hypocrisy of the Constitution Revision Commission

May 22, 2018, Tallahassee Democrat: Constitutional panel should be improved, not abolished | Opinion

May 19, 2018, Tallahassee Democrat: Cotterell: CRC panel should have abolished itself

May 18, 2018, WTXL: Complaint filed on greyhound racing amendment

May 17, 2018, WTXL: Anticipated voter fatigue could have impact on November ballots

May 16, 2018, Florida Politics: Jack Cory: It is time to do away with the Constitutional Revision Commission

May 6, 2018, Daytona Beach News-Journal: Carlton: Constitution Revision ‘groupings’ not new

May 2, 2018, Sun Sentinel: Grouped CRC amendments benefit Florida voters | Opinion

May 2, 2018, Daytona Beach News-Journal: Kim A. Barton: Fall ballot will be longest in 20 years

May 2, 2018, TCPalm: Either fix Constitution Revision Commission or kill it | Our view

May 1, 2018, Action News Jax: 'Grouped' ballot proposals defended

May 1, 2018, Daytona Beach News-Journal: Bob Graham believes in civics education, but he’ll vote against it in November

April 23, 2018, Tampa Bay Times: Florida convenes a special panel every 20 years. Did this one blow its opportunity?

April 20, 2018, Fort Myers News-Press: Revision commission bundles deception in many ways

April 20, 2018, Daytona Beach News-Journal: Our Opinion: Opportunity squandered by commission

April 18, 2018, Daytona Beach News-Journal: OUR VIEW: CRC leaves poor legacy

April 18, 2018, Northwest Florida Daily News: Florida voters to decide on 13 proposed amendments (LIST)

April 17, 2018, Gainesville Sun: Constitution panel packs more onto a full ballot

April 16, 2018, Daytona Beach News-Journal: OUR VIEW: Don’t burden ballot with bizarre bundles

April 15, 2018, Miami Herald: Florida’s Constitution Revision Commission should erase all hints of trying to deceive voters

April 15, 2018, Palm Beach Post: Editorial: Neither ballot, nor constitution, needs these amendments

April 11, 2018, WTXL: FL Constitution panel to consider 'Crime Victim's Bill of Rights'

April 11, 2018, Jax Daily Record: Five Constitutional amendments on ballot, so far

April 9, 2018, Florida Politics: Jeff Kottkamp, Paul Hawkes: Greyhound amendment does not belong in our constitution

April 4, 2018, Florida Politics: CRC panel revamps ethics proposal

April 3, 2018, Tampa Bay Times: A civics education lesson in Florida’s constitution revision process

April 2, 2018, Bradenton Herald: Proposal to end hospitals’ certificate of need system pulled from CRC

April 1, 2018, Daytona Beach News-Journal: OUR VIEW: Bracing for a heavy ballot

March 31, 2018, Tallahassee Democrat: Our opinion: Three hits, three misses on constitutional amendments

March 31, 2018, WGCU: Florida College Presidents Are Unified In Support Of CRC Proposal

March 29, 2018, Florida Politics: Constitutional panel may combine issues of greyhound racing, offshore drilling and vaping into one ballot question

March 25, 2018, WCTV: Powerful Florida panel may ask voters to make big changes

March 24, 2018, Bradenton Herald: Constitution Revision Commission shows profile in shame, not courage

March 23, 2018, WFSU: Some Frustrated At CRC's Refusal To Take Up Gun Control Proposals

March 20, 2018, Miami Herald: Proposal for bill of rights for nursing home and ALF residents dies in CRC

March 17, 2018, Tallahassee Democrat: Cotterel: Constitution panel should resist impulse to change things

March 16, 2018, Sun Sentinel: Constitution Revision Commission, let Florida vote on assault weapons ban | Editorial

March 15, 2018, Florida Politics: Poll: Voters unsure on offshore drilling ban, ballot amendment rules

March 15, 2018, CBS Miami: Florida Constitution Revision Commission Member Chris Smith Discusses Gun Issues

March 14, 2018, Orlando Sentinel: Editorial: Stop eroding Floridians' constitutional right to open government

March 14, 2018, Florida Politics: Major Harding: Keep our Florida Constitution clean

March 14, 2018, WLRN: Commission Pushed To Let Floridians Decide About Assault-Style Weapon Ban

March 13, 2018, Tampa Bay Times: Rick Scott visits St. Pete to push for a crime victims’ rights ballot measure

March 9, 2018, Florida Today: Watch these proposals to change the state Constitution | Rangel

March 8, 2018, Florida Today: Parkland school shooting makes constitutional proposal more urgent | Opinion

March 5, 2018, Cape Coral Daily Breeze: School shooting survivors attend Constitution Revision hearing in Cape Coral

March 5, 2018, News Service of Florida: Florida voters will have say on tax question

March 5, 2018, Florida Politics: Constitutional review panel readies for its own Session

March 1, 2018, Cape Coral Daily Breeze: CRC hearings provide opportunity for voter involvement

February 26, 2018, NorthEscambia.com: Constitution Revision Commission To Hold Pensacola Public Hearing Tuesday

February 6, 2018, Sun Sentinel: Abortion rights, greyhound racing on agenda as hundreds address constitution commission

February 6, 2018, Orlando Weekly: CRC panel to take issues across Florida, but will skip most major metros

February 5, 2018, Sun Sentinel: Let Florida voters raise ethics bar | Guest editorial


January 25, 2018, Panama City News Herald: OUR VIEW: Constitution proposal would impede ‘home rule’

January 25, 2018, Sunshine State News: Panel Approves Revamping Right to Privacy

January 23, 2018, WFSU: CRC "Nursing Home Bill Of Rights" Proposal Receives Pushback

January 20, 2018, The Ledger: Panel weighs ban on support for religious groups

January 20, 2018, Tallahassee Democrat: Cotterell: Casino amendment shows flaws in petition proposals

January 19, 2018, News4Jax: Victims' rights measure gets backing from panel

January 16, 2018, Tampa Bay Times: Proposal to end school board pay heads back to Florida Constitution Revision Commission

January 16, 2018, WUSF: Florida Constitutional Revision Commission Kills Controversial Environmental Proposal

January 15, 2018, News4Jax: Medical malpractice revision moving toward November ballot

January 15, 2018, Sunshine State News: CRC Tackling Question of Who Chooses Appointments to Judiciary