2017 News


December 14, 2017, Orlando Sentinel: Anti-smoking, hospital proposals could be headed for ballot

December 14, 2017, Florida Politics: Constitution panel criticized again for procedural hiccups, announces tour

December 5, 2017, Florida Politics: Emmett Reed: Constitution is no place for special favors for clients or friends

December 2, 2017, Orlando Sentinel: 100-plus proposals to change Constitution affect taxes, schools, health

December 1, 2017, WFSU: CRC Advances Measure Restricting Naming Of Public Projects

November 29, 2017, Palm Beach Post: Workplace vaping ban, new legislator residency rule closer to ballot

November 29, 2017, Tallahassee Democrat: Proposal to infuse religion with state tax dollars advances

November 28, 2017, Sun Sentinel: Florida Constitution wrecking crew targets public schools | Editorial

November 28, 2017, WLRN: CRC Subpanel Passes Proposal Increasing Florida Judges' Retirement Age

November 28, 2017, The Gainesville Sun: Proposed vaping ban gets unanimous backing

November 27, 2017, Tampa Bay Times: Ending salaries for school board members hits a snag with Constitution Revision Commission

November 27, 2017, WJCT: Panel Eyes Vaping Restriction, Patient Rights

November 18, 2017, Sun Sentinel: Watch out, Florida Constitution changes coming | Editorial

November 13, 2017, Fort Myers News-Press: Eye on 2018: Florida's Constitution will be remade on a lengthy November ballot

November 7, 2017, Santa Rosa's Press Gazette: GUEST COLUMN: Revise the constitution with caution

November 2, 2017, Orlando Sentinel: Constitution panel explains the process

November 1, 2017, WJCT: More Than 60 Changes Proposed For Florida's Constitution

October 31, 2017, News Service of Florida: Dozens of changes proposed for state constitution

October 31, 2017, Jax Daily Record: Constitution Revision Commission reviewing proposals

October 30, 2017, Tampa Bay Times: Tuesday's letters: Commission listens to Floridians

October 26, 2017, Panama City News Herald: OUR VIEW: CRC’s filter kept out worthy ideas

October 26, 2017, Tallahassee Democrat: Opinion: Be cautious when revising Florida's Constitution

October 25, 2017, Tampa Bay Times: Ruth: Constitution Revision Commission ignores the public

October 21, 2017, Tallahassee Democrat: Longshot constitutional amendments move capital, divide state in two

October 18, 2017, Sun Sentinel: Revise Florida constitution with caution. Voters, pay attention | Opinion

October 18, 2017, Bradenton Herald: Confusion over open meetings creates unrest on constitution panel

October 17, 2017, Florida Politics: Florida Bar aims to engage Floridians in constitutional review

October 17, 2017, WLRN: Panel Says No To Most Of Public’s Ideas For Revising Florida Constitution

October 11, 2017, Florida Politics: SEIU highlights progressive proposals made to Constitutional Revision Commission

October 8, 2017, Florida Politics: CRC member: Changing write-in law ‘right thing to do’

October 5, 2017, Fort Myers News-Press: Panel considers amending Florida's felon voting, closed primaries laws

October 3, 2017, The Capitolist: Florida Constitutional Revision Commission....Slowly Making Progress

October 2, 2017, Orlando Sentinel: Commentary: What would you add to the Florida Constitution?

October 2, 2017, News Service of Florida: Constitutional panel kicks off with cautious approach

September 25, 2017, The Ledger: Deadlines likely pushed back ballot proposals

September 25, 2017, Miami Herald: Think you know how Florida can fix its problems? Ideas accepted.

September 25, 2017, WTSP: Influence Florida: 20 years later, state's constitution up for change again

September 22, 2017, Florida Today: Campbell: Good, bad and ugly amendments could be coming soon to a ballot near you

September 21, 2017, Florida Politics: CRC releases committee schedule for next week

September 2, 2017, Sun Sentinel: Note to commission: Empower people, not politicians | Editorial

August 29, 2017, Tallahassee Democrat: Our opinion: Here's your chance to add to Florida's Constitution

August 28, 2017, TCPalm: How to submit your idea for a constitutional amendment | Guest column

August 24, 2017, TCPalm: Here's your chance to improve Florida's constitution | Our view

August 23, 2017, The St. Augustine Record: People can submit ideas to Constitution Revision Commission

August 20, 2017, Pensacola News Journal: Now's your chance to reshape Florida's constitution

August 9, 2017, News Service of Florida: Timeline eyed for constitution proposals

August 8, 2017, Jax Daily Record: Commentary: Revising the state constitution: How you can prepare

July 14, 2017, Florida Politics: Constitutional review panel announces committee assignments

July 14, 2017, Tampa Bay Times: Governor returns to Tom Grady, another loyalist, to fill opening on constitution commission

July 14, 2017, Naples Herald: Naples attorney Tom Grady selected for Constitution Review Commission

July 13, 2017, Florida Politics: Rick Scott names Tom Grady to constitutional review panel

July 12, 2017, Daytona Beach News-Journal: DAMIEN FILER: Commission should act to insulate judiciary from politics

July 5, 2017, Florida Politics: Florida Bar will focus on ‘protecting the courts’ during constitutional revision process

June 29, 2017: Florida Politics: Florida Taxwatch survey finds Florida voters unaware of Constitution Revision Commission

June 29, 2017, Daytona Beach News-Journal: The constitution revision group nobody knows

June 27, 2017, Florida Politics: Jimmy Patronis’ move to CFO creates PSC, CRC openings

June 27, 2017, Florida TaxWatch: The CRC Appears to be a Secret

June 20, 2017, FSUNews: Run-CRC: The unique democratic process of the Constitution Revision Commission

June 14, 2017, TCPalm: Solari: Lots of state constitutional amendments proposed, but no plan to pay for them

June 11, 2017, Sarasota Herald-Tribune: Editorial: Revision Commission opts for openness

June 11, 2017, The Bradenton Times: Beruff’s CRC Power Grab Temporarily Thwarted

June 9, 2017, Sun Sentinel: Scary signs from Florida's Constitution Revision Commission | Editorial

June 9, 2017, Fort Myers News-Press: Constitution committee already creating uneasiness

June 6, 2017, Miami Herald: Constitution commission adopts ‘messy’ rules as rift continues

June 6, 2017, WFSU: CRC Adopts Compromise Rules After Heated Debate

June 6, 2017, Bay News 9: Florida Constitution Commission approves more transparency at Orlando meeting

June 3, 2017, Palm Beach Post: Editorial: Constitution commission needs a revision of its own

June 1, 2017, Miami Herald: Amid power struggle, Constitution Revision Commission proposes amendments to rules

June 1, 2017, Florida Politics: Joe Henderson: Sunshine law should remind leaders that people of Florida are citizens, not serfs

June 1, 2017, Tampa Bay Times: Constitution commission feuds over rules and adhering to Sunshine Law

May 30, 2017, Florida Politics: Advocacy groups blast CRC Chair Carlos Beruff for ‘throwing shade’ on process

May 30, 2017, Northwest Florida Daily News: EDITORIAL: Revision panel is shutting public out

May 30, 2017, WFSU: CRC Chairman Wants Full Panel To Set Rules

May 30, 2017, Lakeland Ledger: Another Perspective: Constitution commission must live up to Florida’s standards for openness

May 26, 2017, Florida Politics: Constitution Revision Commission will debate, vote on rules on June 6

May 24, 2017, Daytona Beach News-Journal: OUR VIEW Don’t shut the public out of revisions

May 19, 2017, Orlando Sentinel: Don't let panel secretly plot changes to Constitution

May 18, 2017, WGCU: Voter Rights, Restrictions Head Up Amendment Proposals At CRC Hearing

May 17, 2017, WGCU: CRC Watchdogs Blast Draft Rules

May 17, 2017, Tampa Bay Times: Legislature's budget includes restrictions on Constitution Commission

May 17, 2017, SaintPetersBlog: Constitutional panel agrees to follow state budget language

May 17, 2017, News Service of Florida: Constitution panel wrestles with Sunshine Law

May 17, 2017, WFSU: CRC Working Group Debates Rules Of The Road

May 17, 2017, WLRN: Constitution Review Commission Still Working On Its Rules

May 17, 2017, Florida Politics: Citizens address gamut of issues at Tampa’s meeting of Constitutional Revision Commission

May 16, 2017, Tampa Bay Times: Editorial: Tell Constitution Revision Commission what you think

May 16, 2017, WFSU: Revision Commission Under Fire For Draft Rules

May 16, 2017, Sun Sentinel: Powerful state panel needs public credibility | Editorial


May 15, 2017, Tampa Bay Times: Hillsborough public hearing for Constitution Revision Commission is Wednesday night

May 15, 2017, Florida Politics: Activists express concern about transparency of Tampa CRC meeting Wednesday

May 15, 2017, Florida Politics: Watchdogs decry Constitution Revision Commission’s proposed rules

May 14, 2017, Fort Myers News-Press: Citizens pitch Florida Constitution changes

May 11, 2017, WGCU: Florida's Constitution Revision Commission Stopped In Ft. Myers

May 5, 2017, Capital Soup: CRC Announces Meeting of Rules Working Group

May 4, 2017, Fort Myers News-Press: Your time to speak to Constitution Review Commission

May 3, 2017, Panama City News-Herald: Dozens suggest changes to state constitution

May 2, 2017, Panama City News-Herald: OUR VIEW: Voice suggestions for constitution

May 2, 2017, Capital Soup: CRC Announces Public Hearing at Hillsborough Community College

May 1, 2017, Panama City News-Herald: LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Constitution Hearing Wednesday

May 1, 2017, Florida Times-Union: Tuesday Editorial: Citizens propose amendments to Florida’s Constitution

April 30, 2017, SaintPetersBlog: Constitutional review panel money becomes a ‘bump issue’

April 28, 2017, Jacksonville Daily Record: Constitution Revision Commission gets earful

April 27, 2017, WLRN: You Can Suggest Changes To Florida's Constitution Anytime, From Anywhere

April 27, 2017, WJCT: Some Northeast Florida Residents Urge Committee To Change To State Constitution

April 27, 2017, Florida Times-Union: A can of worms: State constitution commission hears from Jacksonville residents


April 26, 2017, The Gainesville Sun: Editorial: Voice suggestions for constitution

April 25, 2017, The Daily Record: Now’s your chance to help improve state constitution

April 25, 2017, Florida Politics: UF law students discuss, debate ahead of Constitutional Revision Commission meeting

April 24, 2017, News4Jax: Constitution panel sets hearing in southwest Florida

April 24, 2017, The Gainesville Sun: Public input sought at state constitution meeting Wednesday

April 23, 2017, Ocala Star-Banner: Sheila Anderson: Without a malfeasance law, corruption flourishes

April 21, 2017, Panama City News-Herald: LETTER: Constitution Committee bears notice

April 17, 2017, The Independent Florida Alligator: Students propose amendments to state constitution

April 16, 2017, TCPalm: Revision commission chance to change voting loophole

April 16, 2017, Tallahassee Democrat: Our opinion: Elections issues should be at top of CRC’s agenda

April 15, 2017, Tallahassee Democrat: Cotterell: Tips for testifying before governing boards

April 13, 2017, Tallahassee Democrat: Abortions and closed primaries are hot CRC topics

April 13, 2017, Palm Beach Post: Privacy clause big focus of Constitution Revision panel so far

April 12, 2017, Florida Politics: Hundreds of concerns automatically signed up to lobby constitutional review board

April 12, 2017, Florida Politics: Constitution Revision Commission chairman outlines rule-making plans

April 12, 2017, Florida Politics: On display in Tallahassee: What people want – and don’t want – from constitutional rewrite panel

April 11, 2017, Tampa Bay Times: Constitution Revision Commission plans public hearing in Hillsborough County on May 17

April 11, 2017, Tallahassee Democrat: Constitution rewrite hearing comes to FAMU

April 10, 2017, Tampa Bay Times: Advocacy groups raises more concerns about Constitution Revision process

April 10, 2017, Florida Politics: Personnel Note: Governor’s top lawyer joining Constitution Revision Commission

April 8, 2017, Palm Beach Post: Abortion, voting rights dominate constitution revision meeting in Boca

April 8, 2017, Pensacola News Journal: Don Gaetz: Your first dose of Constitutional reform

April 7, 2017, Orlando Sentinel: Editorial: Don't rewrite constitution behind closed doors

April 7, 2017, WFSU: CRC Schedules Tallahassee Meeting

April 6, 2017, Miami Herald: Abortion rules, felon voting, and an FCAT ban. Time to rewrite Florida’s Constitution.

April 5, 2017, Miami Herald: If you want to change Florida’s Constitution, go to public hearing at FIU

April 5, 2017, Tampa Bay Times: Column: Will rising seas swallow Florida's tax base or will we revise our tax system in time?

April 5, 2017, Sun Sentinel: Activists hope state constitution commission will advance changes in Florida primary system

April 5, 2017, WLRN: Want To Change The Florida Constitution? Here's Your One-In-20-Year Chance

April 5, 2017, Capital Soup: CRC Update: April 12 Public Hearing Re-Located to FAMU in Tallahassee

April 4, 2017, The New Tropic: This chance to change the state constitution comes once every 20 years

April 4, 2017, The St. Augustine Record: GUEST EDITORIAL: What is the CRC hiding from the public?

April 3, 2017, Capital Soup: Chairman Beruff Announces Updates to CRC Public Hearing Schedule in South Florida

March 29, 2017, Orlando Sentinel: Crowd comes out for 1st Florida constitution hearing at UCF

March 29, 2017, TCPalm: Activists bash Constitution Revision Commission rules

March 29, 2017, WCTV: Concerns raised over Florida's Constitution Revision Commission

March 29, 2017, Florida Politics: Constitution Revision Commission gets earful in Orlando

March 29, 2017, News 13: Florida Constitution Commission meets as watchdogs criticize

March 29, 2017, Bradenton Herald: Manatee lawyers learn constitution revision history ahead of the commission’s first public meeting

March 23, 2017, News Service of Florida: SPEAKER SLAMS CONSTITUTION PANEL SCHEDULE

March 23, 2017, WLRN: Constitution Revision Commission Sets Public Meetings

March 23, 2017, Miami Herald: Corcoran blasts Constitution Commission's schedule for 'disenfranchising' legislative members

March 22, 2017, Bradenton Herald: Keep the Constitution Revision Commission transparent

March 22, 2017, CRC Press Release, Chairman Beruff Announces Statewide “Floridians Speak, We Listen” Tour

March 20, 2017, Capital Soup, Florida Constitution Revision Commission Holds Organization Meeting

March 20, 2017, Tallahassee Democrat: Constitution Revision Commission convenes

March 20, 2017, Florida Times-Union: Guest column: Florida’s unique Constitution Revision Commission begins deliberations

March 20, 2017, Palm Beach Post: Florida Constitution Revision panel starts once-every-20-years job

March 20, 2017, Bay News 9: State Constitution Revision Commission sworn in, set to begin hearings